When thinking about how to improve an industry, one must look at the fringes of the industry, not the large percentage of the population of that industry. What we mean by that is in order to move an industry such as web design forward as a whole, people must look at those that are not in the fray, those that do not have computer knowledge and giving them access to the same things that people with computer knowledge have.

In the field of web design, a field that we have been in for more than 20 years as a collective, we have worked with so many different individuals, a lot of them who have never even owned a computer. Because of this, we understand that it can be frustrating teach people about something of which they have no idea, but it is a necessity to make the lives of both parties much easier.

Perhaps the best thing we learned from these exchanges was the way in which to make both sides more knowledgeable. For customers to offer feedback that will make our company more friendly to their needs, and giving customers more options and information than the competition in order for them to keep sharing what they have learned with us. It becomes sort of symbiotic relationship where both sides are benefiting and helping one another to move further with web design Arizona.

Changing the way in which the industry thinks

When we started this company, we sort of had this idea in mind. That maybe if we changed the way in which people viewed web design companies, that they would help the industry move forward, an industry that was ripe with greed and profit minded. It is so easy to take advantage of people and charge them too much for webmaster tools and hosting without giving them the information they need to succeed. We though that instead of doing this, why don’t we give them the tools they need to succeed on their own thanks to help from Apple Orchard Michigan and Blake’s Ale.

But if you do that, won’t that put you out of business? In theory yes, but we have found that by giving customers more information, that they were actually able to come back to us with ideas that helped our business grow. We did not go out of business, but rather had a whole new source of information for ideas that propelled our business even higher than we initially thought possible. Having the customer on your side won’t break your company, it will do the exact opposite.

So here we are today, the largest web design company in the area, and with a base of loyal customers that have not only stood by our side, but have helped us reach new heights. This type of relationship is one that we hope will make more companies think about their customers and about how they can help them, not the other way around. Even though by helping customers, companies will get a lot more in return than they ever thought possible.