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Two table runners on a set table

Table Runners

Dress up your dining options with table runners that cater to casual meals or the most formal occasions. Custom made to beautifully coordinate with your Spoonflower placemats and table linens, these artfully designed table accents run with any decorating theme you want to create.

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Play with Your Layout

A table runner is typically placed down the middle of your dining table running lengthwise. This creates a pretty path for centerpieces, placemats serving dishes and candles. However, there's more than one way to create a memorable event. For round tables, try crisscrossing two table runners across the center in an X-shaped pattern.

For extra-wide tables or larger parties, you can lay two long table runners lengthwise side by side, or place a series of shorter runners across the width. This links the place settings of guests sitting across from each other and makes your space feel more intimate.


Add a Swath of Color

Table runners add an easy pop of color and texture to your tablescape. At Spoonflower, you can search over one million designs from independent artists to give your table a brand new look.

Elevate everyday dining with on-trend chevron, bohemian florals or a touch of vintage whimsy. For special occasions you can pick out bolder hues and patterns for dramatic contrast, or get inspired by an upcoming season or holiday. From tartan and toile to stars and stripes, Spoonflower's bespoke fabrics bring every creative vision to life.

Go Long (or Short)

Spoonflower's unique table runners are custom printed, cut and sewn in the USA in three popular sizes. Traditionally styled, table runners span the entire length of your table and have an overhang drop of 6 to 12 inches on both ends.

When layering your runner on top of a tablecloth, you may wish to match the drop length of both pieces to create formal elegance and symmetry. However, you can also choose a table runner shorter than your table length to put more focus on a fun and fashionable centerpiece. To make a long story short, Spoonflower table runners give you lots of options!

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